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Best Friends - Challenge Book

Best Friends - Challenge Book

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    Product details of the Best Friends Edition:
    Product description

    100 exciting and thrilling Best Friends Challenges 👭

    How would you like to indulge in some fun activities to do with your friends? Let's make your friendship blossom. 

    The digital age has confined our friendships to the small screen as most of us end up staring into our phones, even in gatherings with friends. It's time to spend time making memories and complete exciting challenges as directed by this best friend activity book. 

    This is where you can find new ways of interacting with your best friends, i.e., people who mean the world to you. The book gives you ideas and guides you through the different stages, encouraging you and your friends to take pictures and capture memories you'll remember forever.

    How Does It Work? 

    Explore your friendship and build camaraderie by completing challenges meant exclusively for your best friend and you. Pick a task you like and plan your day to complete it with them. Don't forget to take pictures as you go along and write down your experience. 

    Create fun captions to immortalize the moments gathered as you do the challenges through the book, and let your friend know what they mean to you. 

    The Best Friends Book Is All You Need To Rekindle Your Friendship

    This book is for everyone. No matter your age or background, you'll love the well-thought-out and immersive experiences it'll bring to your life. Bring it home today. 

    What kind of challenges are in the Best Friends book?

    The challenges are very different. Some take place outdoors or indoors, while some are only suitable during certain seasons. The challenges can be more relaxed or more athletic, such as:

    1. Take in a beautiful view. 

    2. Get comfortable on the living room floor and have an amazing indoor picnic! 

    3. Test your accuracy with a game of mini-golf!

    ...and many more challenges await to break you out of your everyday routine!

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    Tutorial & Details

    What size should the pictures be?

    The picture should be the size of a typical Polaroid.
    But you can also take a picture with your cell phone or any other camera and print it in "Polaroid format" at almost any photo booth!

    - 5.4 cm x 8.6 cm (including the border)

    Instructions for printing your pictures in Polaroid format:

    1. Find a photo machine near you.
    2. Select "pictures" on the menu
    3. Choose "mini pictures"
    4. Choose "Minipictures Retro"

    Now you can print 4 different pictures in Polaroid format!

    Who is this book for?

    Best friends or any group of friends can enjoy this book. As long as you feel young, your friendship has no limits!

    How much do the challenges cost?

    The price range is entirely up to you because the experiences can be customized to fit any budget!

    Material & Package Content


    -Robust hardcover binding
    -High-quality digital printing on special paper
    -Stable PUR binding
    -Pin sharp motif & font reproduction

    Package Contents:

    1 x Best Friends Edition - YourLoveChallengeBook


    Language of the book:

    -The entire book is written in English

    Available in other languages:





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