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Couple Edition - Challenge Book

Couple Edition - Challenge Book

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    Couple Edition Product Details:
    Product description

    Remember the first time you started dating your partner? 🌹

    Those feelings of adventure, pleasure, and excitement that comes with new experiences are memorable – something that’s hard to replicate when you’re years into the relationship.

    Well, not anymore! What if there’s a fun, and easy way to spice and heat your relationship with your significant other? Presenting Couple Edition - Challenge Book!

    With this ‘challenge book’ as your ultimate guide, you with your partner can grow your relationship to new levels through experiences and adventures you’ll never forget.

    The Couple Edition - Challenge Book contains over 130 romantic and exciting date challenges that will help you enhance, nurture and grow your love life with your partner.

    Whether you cook a delicious pie or a three-course meal, recreate the first date, paint on a canvas, or go on a paddleboat trip, you’ll find romance, zest, and spontaneity in the relationship as adventures unfold.

    Who Will Benefit From The Couple Edition Challenge Book?

    Whether you’re celebrating your Silver Jubilee or just starting dating, this book is perfect for you!

    How Many Challenges Does The Challenge Book Include?

    The Couple Edition Challenge Book contains about 135 romantic, thrilling, and full-of-life date

    challenges that will reignite and replenish love in your relationship.

    No Takebacks!

    Once you choose a date challenge, you must perform it, no matter how goofy it is. We promise it’ll be a
    one-of-a-kind activity where you’ll discover new things about your partner and connect in a new way
    every time.

    Note: Take a snap of your day out and journal it with your experience. Once you finish performing all
    date challenges, you can recall them using your keepsake!

    How does it work? 

    1. Pick a date challenge!
    2. Make a day of it by taking your special date out!
    3. Snap a picture of your experience!
    4. Stick the picture in the frame provided!
    5. Write the date down on the thin line!
    6. Think of a fun caption and write it on the thick line.

    What kind of dates are in the YourLoveChallenge book?

    The dates vary widely. Some take place outdoors or indoors, while some are only suitable during certain seasons. The dates can be more relaxed or more athletic, such as:

    1. Recreate your first date

    2. Make a 3-course meal together

    3. Plan a day trip to another city

    …and many more challenges that await you to break you out of your everyday liferoutine!

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    Tutorial & Details

    How big should the pictures be?

    The picture should have the typical Polaroid size.
    But you can also shoot the picture with your cell phone or any other camera and print it out in "Polaroid format" at almost any photo booth!
    - 5.4 cm x 8.6 cm (including border)

    Instructions for printing your pictures in Polaroid format:

    1. Go to a photo machine in your local store.
    2. Choose "pictures" in the menu
    3. Choose "mini pictures"
    4. Choose "Minipictures Retro"

    Now you can print 4 different pictures in Polaroid format!

    Who is this book for?

    Any couple can enjoy this book. As long as you feel young, your love has no limits! 

    How much do the dates cost?

    The price range is entirely up to you because the experiences can be customized to fit any budget!

    How many pages & challenges does the Couples Edition have?

    The Couples book consists of 64 pages & 135 challenges.

    Material & Package Content


    -Robust hardcover binding
    -High-quality digital printing on special paper
    -Stable PUR book binding
    -Pin sharp motif & font reproduction

    Package contents:

    1 x Couple Edition - YourLoveChallengeBook


    Language of the book:

    -the entire book is written in English.

    Available in other languages:





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