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Family Edition - Challenge Book

Family Edition - Challenge Book

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    Product details of the Family Edition:
    Product description

    135 fun and exciting family challenges 🖤

    When was the last time you connected with your family as more than just biological relations? 

    We have designed the Family Edition to help you get to know the people you care about the most, whether they are your biological family, the people who raised you, or the group you chose for yourself. 

    How Does This Book Help You?

    The Family Edition is your key to escaping boredom and making the most of family get-togethers. Try it to pull your family out of a rut, discover new routines and create memories you'll cherish forever.

    It's how you build a spirit of adventure in your family.

    Children and adults of every age can use this dynamic family book to create excitement, fuel their creativity, and explore uncharted terrains in the family entertainment zone. 

    What’s Included?

    The Family Edition book is packed with activities created by two brothers who love adventure. It is the ultimate Family Fun Book, with over 50 hidden challenges, surprises, and intriguing features. 

    These challenges include sections for discovering, crafting, educating, sharing joy, baking, moving, being silly, and other family adventures.

    Get In Touch With Us

    Every assignment is designed to bring your family closer by encouraging you and your family members to participate in things you might not have done otherwise. So, if you want to experience the ultimate thrill, schedule an activity immediately to get the most out of the Family Edition book.

    The Best Friends Book Is All You Need To Rekindle Your Friendship

    This book is for everyone. No matter your age or background, you'll love the well-thought-out and immersive experiences it'll bring to your life. Bring it home today. 

    What kind of challenges are in the Family Edition book?

    The challenges are very different. Some take place outdoors or indoors, while some are only suitable during certain seasons. The challenges can be more relaxed or more athletic such as:

    1. Take a cable car to an overlook
    2. Eat dinner blindfolded
    3. Plan a day trip to another city

    ...and many more challenges await to break you out of your everyday routine!

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    the picture should have the typical Polaroid size.
    But you can also shoot the picture with your cell phone or any other camera and print it out in "Polaroid format" at almost any photo booth!
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    3. Choose "mini pictures"
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    Now you can print 4 different pictures in Polaroid format!

    Who is this book for?

    Any family can enjoy this book. Some challenges are only appropriate for certain age groups (e.g., climbing a high ropes course).

    How much do the challenges cost?

    The price range is entirely up to you because the experiences can be customized to fit any budget!

    How many pages & challenges does the Family Edition have?

    The Family book consists of 64 pages & 135 challenges.

    Material & Package Content


    -Robust hardcover binding
    -High-quality digital printing on special paper
    -Stable PUR book binding
    -Pin sharp motif & font reproduction

    Package contents:

    1 x Family Edition - YourLoveChallengeBook


    Language of the book:

    -the entire book is written in English.

    Available in other languages:





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