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Travel Edition - Challenge Book

Travel Edition - Challenge Book

Travel Edition - Challenge Book

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    Travel Edition Product Details:
    Product description

    154 exciting challenges that will take you around the world 🌎

    When was the last time you had a travel-inspired adrenaline rush? Traveling is a therapy that does wonders for the mind, body, and soul, bringing you to new places and people.

    There’s nothing quite like the excitement and exhilaration of experiencing new locations, flavors, views, and aromas. 

    We have excellently curated different places from the world to enlighten you about top travel places. The Travel Edition is more than a book; it tells you about unique cultures, stories, traditions, historical sites, and much more. 

    What Can This Book Offer You?

    The Travel Edition book is stacked with 154 diverse yet exciting dares designed to make you a globe trotter. Not only do you get to visit new places, but you are challenged to attend various events and indulge in intriguing activities in the places you visit. 

    Everything we have compiled in this book is to ensure that you explore different places and enjoy your vacation. 

    Don’t Leave Without Your Ultimate Travel Companion 

    Choose a country and travel there to complete the challenge. The book lists exciting new challenges for every stage of your journey, making it all the more fun. Take pictures, stick them in your book, record your favorite memories, and don’t forget to write the date.

    Get your hands on our world-class Travel Edition book if you want a well-organized and exciting vacation experience. 

    How does it work? 

    1. Choose a challenge country!

    2. Travel there and complete the challenges! (You don't have to complete all the challenges in a single trip))

    3. Take a picture of your experience!

    4. Stick the picture in the frame provided!

    5. Write the date down on the thin line!

    6. Think about your best memory of that place and write it on the thick line.

    What kind of challenges are in the YourLoveChallenge book?

    The challenges are very different. Some destinations are in warm or cold countries. Sometimes it's just a place you have to explore, and other times it's an activity you have to do in those places. The tasks can be more relaxed or more active, such as:

    1. Travel back to the time of gladiators. To do this, visit the Colosseum! (Italy)
    2. See the legendary aurora borealis glow in the sky! (Finland)
    3. Explore an island of your choice on a scooter! (Thailand)
    4. Discover Park Güell’s colorful mosaics in Barcelona! (Spain)
    5. Visit the impressive Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi! (United Arab Emirates)

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    Tutorial & Details

    How big should the pictures be?

    The picture should have the typical Polaroid size.
    But you can also shoot the picture with your cell phone or any other camera and print it out in "Polaroid format" at almost any photo booth!
    - 5.4 cm x 8.6 cm (including border)

    Instructions for printing your pictures in Polaroid format:

    1. Go to a photo machine in your local store.
    2. Choose "pictures" in the menu
    3. Choose "mini pictures"
    4. Choose "Minipictures Retro"

    Now you can print 4 different pictures in Polaroid format!

    Who is this book for?

    All people can enjoy this book. If you love to travel, this is the one for you!

    How much do the challenges cost?

    The price range is entirely up to you because the experiences can be customized to fit any budget!

    How many pages & challenges does the Travel Edition have?

    The Travel book consists of 78 pages & 150+ challenges.

    Material & Package Content


    -Robust hardcover binding
    -High-quality digital printing on special paper
    -Stable PUR book binding
    -Pin sharp motif & font reproduction

    Package contents:

    1 x Travel Edition - YourLoveChallengeBook


    Language of the book:

    -the entire book is written in English.

    Available in other languages:





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